Sunday 12 Jul 2020

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What's Wrong With Your Cat?

Sox Edition

We had not opened that box (other than the slits for the sachets to come out) so she'd forced herself inside.

  • Sox in the cat food Box
  • Sox in the cat food Box
  • Sox in the cat food Box


So, today I tried to renew my driving licence online using the DVLA website.

I got through the many screens asking for passport, national insurance number, addresses, etc. and through to the payment stage (£14 for an online renewal - not bad).

As soon as I'd pressed the continue button after entering my card details, the system bummed me out with a session timeout screen. This screen told me that it times out if I have been inactive for 20 minutes. I had been inactive for less than 5 seconds!

So I checked my bank balance and the buggers have taken the money!

I shall call the DVLA tomorrow.

However, the point of this tale is that I'm a professional user of these technologies and computing in general, and because of that, I checked my bank first before just repeatedly trying to redo the DVLA site.

People who are still afraid of technology and computers would be stuck at this point, and it's exactly this type of UX that puts them off!

And this from a government department's website that is trying to encourage people to renew online by making it ~£10 cheaper than going into a Post Office.

F1 Production Team

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