Monday 13 Jul 2020

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I love reminiscing with people who weren't there...

Kim and I were at Lidl yesterday and going around the shop was a lady and her daughter. I noticed that they were speaking to each other in what sounded like an Eastern European accent.

At the till, we were behind this lady and her daughter and there was a playful moment with the customer separator bars that you put on the conveyor. The little girl moved mine so she could put her sweeties on separately. We smiled and played along. We waited patiently in line.

I happened to catch the checkout assistant saying to the little girl that she (checkout assistant) had never been to Latvia before.

I spoke up with a We have! and smiled at them. They smiled back.

Just then, a workman who was cutting a hole in the plexiglas partitions around the next till spoke up and in a deep scouse accent, declared that he too had been to Latvia.

Riga, I said, and the workman confirmed that he too had been to Riga.

Well, the workman and I were soon reminiscing about our respective trips and it turned out that he had even stayed in the same hotel (Hotel Riga) and used the same airline (Ryanair)!

We laughed about how we were probably on the same plane, and how cheap it was over there, etc. etc.

The lady and her daughter had finished paying and had left by this time.

Kim and I were then talking to the checkout assistant, when she piped up, No, I've always fancied it, but I've never been to Blackpool.

Blackpool?, I asked. I thought you said Latvia!

No, she had said Blackpool and the foreign lady and daughter had just been looking at me like I was an idiot, and smiling to go along with me...

But at least we shared some good memories with the scouse workman!

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