Wednesday 15 Jul 2020

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I've had two failures this week - On Monday, my doctor called me 10 minutes into the run and due to the rain etc. I just didn't feel like starting up again. Then tonight, I got 15 minutes in and felt a twinge in my knee (which I had twisted at the weekend (whilst Grocery Shopping, no less!)) and listened to my body and slowed to a walk.

I'm kinda disappointed in myself for not completing these two runs, but at the same time I ran 15 minutes tonight and only 7 weeks ago I was struggling to run for 1 minute!

But I will complete these runs - I've had a small setback this week, but I will either do last week again first, or just do this week afresh once I know my knee is OK.

I will do this Couch to 5k programme!

Bathroom door

A minor point, but I fixed our bathroom door today which has always been sticky on closing and also opened under its own weight if left ajar.

A quick Google and I had fashioned a plumb bob out of string and a pen, hung it from beside the top hinge and discovered that the bottom hinge was at least 5mm in from plumb.

After wedging the door to take the weight, I undid the bottom screws, moved the hinge out from the frame by 5mm and screwed it to the frame there.

The door no longer opens by itself and it closes and opens without the ominous (and loud) clunk...

Job's a good-un

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