Thursday 16 Jul 2020

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Quote Of The Day

Standing up every week saying, ‘It’s a stunning success’ is kidding no one. - Keir Starmer to Boris Johnson in PMQs.

Runner Up

Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, but it is also the youngest you’ll ever be again.


Today, I started my page on religion - what with me being an anti-theist and all...

Russian Hacking

I totally agree with Laura Kuenssberg's BBC report here:

Is it politically convenient for ministers to acknowledge the threat themselves just before others may make embarrassing claims about it?

Labour politicians have frequently accused the Conservatives of ignoring Russian interference because of their relationship with Tory Party donors.

Did it suit the government to publicise the claims that material used by Labour was also manipulated by Russia?

It seems, as one former UK ambassador to Moscow said this afternoon, a "remarkable coincidence" that the government decided at this moment to admit explicitly, for the first time, that Russia has tried to stick its nose into our politics - especially when there is a running criminal investigation into who obtained the documents to start with.

But Downing Street denies that there is any link in the timing at all.

Whatever shenanigans there may have been about the timing of these announcements, it is clear there is cause to be anxious about Russia's attitude to the UK.

Boris Johnson once hoped, as foreign secretary, that he could reset the UK's relations with Vladimir Putin.

Today's evidence suggests that what he did get right was his own later admission that he was wrong.


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