Friday 17 Jul 2020

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After my earlier setbacks this week, tonight I ran for 28 minutes non-stop and completed my week 8 run. It was bloody tough going in this heat, but I did it, so I know I can do it again, and I feel bloody great about it!

Unexpected El Scorchio

Today while i was on the Torpoint Ferry, I noticed it was getting warm in the car. Well, with it being 33°C outside, it was certainly warm inside!

A photo of the car dashboard displaying a 33°C outside temperature reading
A tad warm on the Torpoint Ferry

Milestone Mileage

Talking of the car's instrument cluster, today the odometer landed on 88888. Not bad for a 15-year-old car!

A photo of the car dashboard displaying 88888 miles
Happy 88888 Mile Day

What's Wrong With Your Cat?

A photo of Lola inside a Diet Coke box
What's wrong with your cat - Lola edition


Day 117 of the Wild Hair & Beard experiment.

A photo of Mark Smith @DaisyHeifer showing his wild unkempt hair and beard on Day 117 of the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown.
Wild Hair Day 117

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