Saturday 18 Jul 2020

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Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes were on fire for today’s qualifying.

These cars are untouchable.

Beards 101

Eating corn-on-the-cob when you have a beard is a messy business...

That is all.


This is the current front page, top headlines on Plymouth Live.

I do hope that this utter rag goes under soon.

A screenshot of the hompage at 21:30 on 18/07/2020
Local reporting at its best...

Apple = Expensive Crap

So, the latest advert for the Apple Watch says that it communicates with satellites thousands of miles above The Earth.

That's stretching the truth a little bit - GPS, to which I presume it is referring to, doesn't really communicate with the satellites - it listens for their time pulses and measures the delays between them to triangulate the position of the watch. It's like saying that I communicate with Big Ben when I'm in London.

RAF Advert

I've always felt that the RAF advert where the voice-over guy says to a young girl, come on and leads her off into the woods is possibly giving the wrong message about going off with complete strangers?

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