Monday 20 Jul 2020

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Virgin Media

To change the account holder on a Virgin media account, it charges you £20. Daryl setup the account, and although I've been the bank account holder on the account for many years, Daryl is still the named person. Everything about the account - passwords, email address, etc. is all mine - it's only the name that is different.

Bit of a rigmarole today when I forgot this and used my own name when calling them to change my package.

They now want me to change the account details properly, so I've submitted and agreed to pay the £20. However, when the forms came, they say that I would be signing up to a new minimum contract with them - I presume on my existing package! I don't want that.

So tomorrow, I'll call them again and pretend to be called Daryl...


The Wall

Fail: So today I only managed 2K or 15 minutes of running. I am hitting a wall at that point. I think it's partially mental fortitude, but it's also very, very physical. I just can't bring myself to carry on beyond that point.

Thinking back to my athletic days, I remember the distance runners speaking about The Wall that they'd hit and have to push on through. I think I may have found mine. When I ran the 28 minutes on Friday, I managed to push beyond that pain and suffering and the final 10 minutes was just a plod really with no massive amount of further effort.

So, today it defeated me, but I shall overcome this wall.

I shall read up on it later and see if there are any coping strategies that I can deploy.

I will do this bloody Couch to 5K programme

Disaster Perception

I think this is excellent...


Day 120 of the Wild Hair & Beard experiment.

A photo of Mark Smith @DaisyHeifer showing his wild unkempt hair and beard on Day 120 of the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown.
Wild Hair Day 120

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