Friday 24 Jul 2020

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You Can't Read This

The network is still down on my Linux box. So you won't be able to read this live.

Update 202007241737: You can now read this because I'm back up and running.

That's not strictly true, because as a workaround, I'm running an old kernel (5.4.0-41) as this seems to work.

Still investigating the problem in the current kernel.

Update 202007242205: I've fixed it!

Basically, I had some pre-approved (unsigned) kernel package installed, so I had to remove that and install the proper kernel package and extra modules package.

You can read about it here.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I've been asked to go into the office on Tuesday for a workshop (socially distanced, of course). So it looks like I'll need to go and get a haircut and beard trim this weekend...

The President (impeached) of The United States



So five minutes into tonight's run, I was struck by a searing pain in my shin. I listened to my body and stopped running to have the weekend break and then see how it feels on Monday - I really, really hope it's not shin splints. That would be a real setback.

But on the plus side, I had been running for 5 minutes, and when I stopped, I realised that I hadn't broken a sweat, AND moreover, I wasn't out of breath at all - my breathing basically returned to normal within a few seconds.

A marked improvement in fitness!

Quote Of The Day

There’s all these anti-vaxxers now. They are nuts, they are nuts.

Boris Johnson on why vaccination is the key to fighting the pandemic

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