Monday 27 Jul 2020

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Book Review

19841984 by George Orwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! Just Wow!
Chilling, and so very very easy to read parallels with today's world into it.
I absolutely recommend this book to everyone.

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That strange smell in our house is the layer of dust burning off of the iron as I prepared my clothes to go into the office tomorrow for a meeting.

I then had to spend time looking for my pass.


I then had the sensible idea of trying on my clothes to see if they still fitted me after 4 months of sitting around just eating loads. To my great surprise, my trousers will require a belt, and my shirt collars actually do up - I've not been able to do up an 18" collar for at least ten years - this running has actually started to make a difference!


Three, THREE idiots in Albert Road Co-op not wearing face coverings this evening when I went in. One of the idiots was even singing at the top of his voice (spreading spittle particles everywhere).

We can't perform a citizen's arrest on these idiots, so I may start just taking photos and naming and shaming them.

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