Friday 31 Jul 2020

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Boris is a Liar

Who'd have thought it?

The man who has been sacked at least 4 times for lying (and you know that if you're being sacked for it, they aren't little white porkies) has been caught pants on fire again...

The OSR has found that Boris keeps lying about child poverty in Britain.


Carpet Up!

While I was on a call with work yesterday, Kim decided to rip up our old carpet in the hallway, stairs and landing.

The problem is, those tiles are the same ones that are in our kitchen, which we have to have annual inspections of - because they are asbestos!

  • Hallway Tiles
  • Hallway Tiles
  • Hallway Tiles

Dingy Dinghies

What is it with the South West that we have to take seemingly perfectly good dinghies and make them into flower beds?

Who thought of that, and why??

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