Saturday 01 Aug 2020

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A photo of President (impeached) Trump waving his tiny hands around
A poor attempt at being a Minstrel - Hands are too small

Nailed it

A screenshot of the New York Daily News front page headline - 3 Men and a Baby (Trump)
Three Men and a Baby

The Scum

I am pleased and encouraged that Lidl do not sell the disgusting rag, the sun "newspaper".

More retailers need to join them and we can drive them out of business...


Let’s just put any nonsense about ghosts to bed shall we?

Ghosts do not exist, have never existed and will not exist. We’d be knee deep in ghost chickens, we’d have ghost cows walking around our living rooms. And yet, we haven’t.

Oh, it’s only people with unfinished business? I bet most of those chickens killed for Colonel Sanders yesterday hadn’t been ready to die – they had unfinished business…

In our history, there has been exactly ZERO empirical evidence of ghosts. No ghost hunting TV show has ever found one (nor Bigfoot, but that’s another crock of shit).

Ghosts do not exist.

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