Thursday 06 Aug 2020

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I went to bed really early (2030) because I have been so tired this week and had a couple of late night script (computer) writing sessions1.

I woke up at 0019 and then was awake until at least 0230 consumed with a work problem.

During that period I realised that sleep wasn't happening so got up and had a bowel of Muesli.

So I've had a net loss of sleep and a net gain of weight. Well done, Mark!


In news that surprises no thinking person, the New York Attorney General seeks to shut down the NRA for severe Financial Fraud and Abuse

Good riddance!

  1. My script concatenates all of my user dictionaries from my various boxen, then sorts them alphabetically, removes the duplicate entries and copies them back to their original locations. Easy huh? Well, it turns out that Windows text files end a line with a carriage return and newline like \r\n but Linux text files end a line with just a newline \n. Combining the two caused a whole load of trouble until I did a hexdump to work out what was happening.

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