November 2020

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Saturday 28 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606582922

New Shelves

So, I made some shelves..

  • Shelves
  • Shelves
  • Shelves
  • Shelves

Saturday 28 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606554200

Day 24 of Lockdown 2.0

More U-Bends Than A Plumber's Storeroom

Friday 27 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606508846

Book Review - 52 Times Britain Was A Bellend

52 Times Britain was a Bellend: The History You Didn’t Get Taught At School52 Times Britain was a Bellend: The History You Didn’t Get Taught At School by James Felton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this book!
I always knew we were complete bastards, but this is a funny, and enlightening review of our sordid history.
It's an idea present for everyone who has the slightest interest in our history.
It should be part of the national curriculum (minus the sweary bits, of course)...

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Friday 27 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606506219

Free Cow

My daughter sent this to me a few days ago and I'm still giggling...

(Sound on!)

Friday 27 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606502884

Trump Is Still Attempting A Coup

Don't celebrate the apparently humiliating loss by Trump's legal team in the US Court of Appeal.

This is all part of the plan to expedite the case to the SCOTUS.

The coup d'etat is still in play...

Until Biden is sworn in on January 20th 2021 at Noon, I cannot believe this nightmare is over and we cannot stop our vigilance. #Resist

Friday 27 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606502723

Day 23 of Lockdown 2.0

xkcd #2391: Life Before the Pandemic

I love the xkcd comic strips...

Life Before the Pandemic
Life Before the Pandemic

Wednesday 25 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606336206

Day 21 of Lockdown 2.0

Foreign Aid

The Tories cutting their own manifesto pledge of maintaining the 0.7% GDP for foreign aid is as disgusting as it is unsurprising.

How are people still voting for this crowd??

Monday 23 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606155448

Day 19 of Lockdown 2.0

A Great Day in History

Sunday 22 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606039520

Cats being Cats

Sunday 22 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1606039476

Day 18 of Lockdown 2.0

Breaking News

We should applaud such cutting, fearless journalism

Saturday 21 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605957845

Happy Anti-Bullying Week

Saturday 21 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605956639


Saturday 21 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605954055

Day 17 of Lockdown 2.0

Book Review - The Last Resort

The Last ResortThe Last Resort by Susi Holliday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! A really gripping and psychologically disturbing thriller that I in no way expected - or would have picked up if I thought it was going to go that way - but it gripped me from the beginning, and it turned out to be an amazing story.
It's an easy book to read - ideal for (late) teenagers or someone who doesn't usually read, and would probably be a great book to get someone into reading. It doesn't take much mental effort to read it. But don't let that detract you - it's really good, and engages all levels.
I feel that the book could have been twice as long as it was, but my cynical mind thinks that once the publishers got hold of it, they cut it back to "normal" book size.
Guys - this is a really good book.

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Friday 20 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605898445

Trevor loves a lift

My Dad's cat...

Friday 20 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605892614


Someone stole my antidepressants. Whoever they are, I hope they’re happy!

Friday 20 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605876950

Day 16 of Lockdown 2.0

Tory Rules, OK?

Wednesday 18 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605666716

Day 14 of Lockdown 2.0


I can't get no sleep

I'm going through a not sleeping properly phase at the moment. I assumed it was some minor jet-lag from when we returned from Turkey, but it's been going on for a few weeks now.

It's very frustrating as I usually sleep very easily, and very well.

Ho-hum. I don't know what's causing it.

Wednesday 18 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605666881

Do they get it on the National Elf Service?

Santa's little helpers have tested positive for COVID-19.

They are elf isolating.

Tuesday 17 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605642510

Foreign Aid

I just wish the ignoramuses (including some of my family) who constantly want to end foreign aid did some reading and educated themselves as to why we give foreign aid...

Tuesday 17 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605639749

Day 13 of Lockdown 2.0


Make no mistake - If you voted for Brexit, you are a traitor.

Monday 16 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605559131

Day 12 of Lockdown 2.0


Sunday 15 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605468657


I can't believe Pharrell released Happy in 2013! That's seven years ago!

Sunday 15 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605468461

Book Review

The Cipher (Nina Guerrera, #1)The Cipher by Isabella Maldonado
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book. Being in the Data/Software/Crypto field made bits of it far-fetched, but that's being ultra-critical.
It is a well-written book, and Agent Nina Guerrera is a great new character from a not-well-represented demographic in crime novels.
I look forward to reading the next in the series.

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Sunday 15 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605443948

Lewis Hamilton

Today belongs to Lewis Hamilton - Currently the GOAT in F1.

Lewis does his speaking on the track - he drives fair (unlike Schumacher, Rosberg and Senna), he wins in a car that's nowhere near the fastest on the track (as in today's Turkish GP in the wet - Bottas finished 14th in the same car with better tyres. Lewis lapped Bottas).

He took a huge risk when he left McLaren and joined Mercedes - and it paid off (which pissed off Fernando Alonso immensely (Lewis > Alonso IMHO). Lewis is the best driver F1 has ever seen.

He's a true ambassador for the sport and for the BLM movement.

He is a sporting hero.

Sunday 15 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605432645


Sadly, we have lost Des O'Conner today. RIP Des.

Sunday 15 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605422939

Day 11 of Lockdown 2.0

Says it all...

Friday 13 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605282208

Day 9 of Lockdown 2.0

Cummings is Going

As we hear about Dominic Cummings' departure, people are saying that it's been caused by internal wrangling over the promotion of Lee Cain.

But Cummings refused to resign when he broke the law during lockdown 1.0, so why would he quit over a mate's promotion?

He's getting out before the Brexit train wreck hits at the end of the year...

Wednesday 11 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605078927

Day 7 of Lockdown 2.0

Tom Allen

A great article on the Beeb about Tom Allen, who is a really funny guy who celebrates his sexuality.

Tuesday 10 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605034330

Truly Frightening

Reminder: Mike Pompeo is the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the USA...

Tuesday 10 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605010099

20-minute Nap

So, I've discovered the power of a 20-minute midday nap. 20 minutes is apparently the maximum length you should nap for before you go too deep into your circadian rhythm and into REM. If you did that, you'd wake up feeling groggy as the body would be expecting a full-night's sleep.

The 20-minute nap allows you to wake up fresh and bright & breezy.

NGL that I felt like I could have laid there a lot longer when the alarm went off, but I have tried this a few times now and it certainly does the trick.

Highly recommended - two thumbs up!

PS New Website Idea - Trip Advisor for Druggies...

Tuesday 10 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1605010044

Day 6 of Lockdown 2.0

Game Changer

Monday 09 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604949982

The Purge Begins

Monday 09 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604949898


Monday 09 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604937884

Day 5 of Lockdown 2.0


Hooray! Today we have news of a 90% coverage vaccine against COVID-19.

This is truly a tremendous result for the science community to come up with something this quickly.

Of course, Trump (through Pence) has tried to claim credit for it! smh

What actually worries me is that people may stop any last vestiges of sensible front-line protection, like masks and social distancing, because they think it's all over...

Sunday 08 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604865848

Yeah, 2020's like that

Sunday 08 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604865594

Trumpism is a Cult

The only way to explain Trumpism and his band of sycophantic followers is that it's a cult. Just like Waco et al, Trump's adherents are brainwashed and don't really know what they are doing - they can't see themselves from the outside.

Undoing that spell on them will be the hard part, and I'm not sure how we do that.

But one thing is for sure - America needs to invest heavily in education...

Sunday 08 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604865355

Biden will put the US back on the world stage, and Britain must stand with him - Keir Starmer


Sunday 08 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604862153

RIP Alex Trebek

Today we lost legendary Jeopardy! host, Alex Trebek

Sunday 08 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604828534

Day 4 of Lockdown 2.0

The Worst

Of course, with Joe winning the presidency of the USA, it means that WE now have the most embarrassing "leader" in the world.

Saturday 07 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604828384

Day 3 of Lockdown 2.0

Congratulations Joe & Kamala

All the major news networks have called Joe Biden as President Elect 2020, which means that Kamala Harris will be the first VP who is a female and an Asian-American.

Biden & Harris win in 2020
Biden & Harris win in 2020

Biden & Harris Celebrate in front of Old Glory
Biden & Harris Celebrate in front of Old Glory

Massive Congratulations all around!

Wednesday 04 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604473533


My non-branded (free because I tested it for the company) smart watch battery was last charged on the Wednesday before I went to Turkey - That was FOUR weeks ago. I've put it on charge this morning, but it still had 13% left...

Colour me impressed!

Wednesday 04 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604471289


I am considering going into politics. This country deserves better.

But I need a party with the balls to say Someone has to pay for all of this, so we have to raise taxes. And the people who earn the most should, by proportion, pay more taxes than the poor.

Corporations need to pay their fair share - it won't prevent investment, innovation or small businesses thriving, but it will pay for better services and to reduce the deficit caused by COVID-19.

Tuesday 03 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604425921

New Phones

Today, Kim and I took possession of our shiny new phones - The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Rather nice so far...

Monday 02 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604314480

Reform Party

This man really is an odious tit.

Monday 02 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604299779

Day Day of Lockdown 2.0


Only 4 more days left of quarantine!

Of course, it's only 3 days until lockdown 2.0, but hey...

At least I'll be able to go outside for a walk.

Sunday 01 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604245615

Boredom Binge Eating

Well, the stone that I lost on holiday (what idiot loses >1 stone on a 2-week all-inclusive holiday?) has almost certainly come back due to the boredom eating that has happened during this quarantine...

Sunday 01 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604245475

Tory Idiots

Unbelievable Jeff

Sunday 01 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604205351

Sham Election

The 2020 US election will be a sham. Trump will steal it.

It has already been decided by Putin, and everything we see now is stage-managed to ensure it looks like a fair election and boo-hoo Trump has been hard-done-by, etc.

Yet, by cheating in the votes, or in the courts, Trump will win a second term and once again, the world will be dipped into an authoritarian dystopia.

This is not normal.

Sunday 01 November 2020
Epoch Seconds: 1604203459


I know that the clocks changing always messes me up for a week or so, but I think that combined with the 2 hour timeshift from Turkey and the boredom of quarantine has really screwed me up this time. Wide awake now, yet at 1300 I'll be yawning my head off...

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