July 2021

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Thursday 29 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1627585648


So, that's it - I'm an unemployed bum again (until Monday).

Tuesday 27 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1627398259

Road Trip!

Kim is coming with me tomorrow as I head to Christchurch for my last day in this job on Thursday. We're making a bit of a road trip out of it and staying in Bournemouth so that Kim has somewhere to explore while I'm in work handing back all of my IT and passes, etc.

Looking forward to showing her where I've been working for the last few months...

Sunday 25 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1627245409


Just in a pique of boredom/desire to learn, I've started to take a look at the Rust programming language.

Now, what usually happens here is that I'll...

  1. Get bored
  2. Find it too difficult
  3. Lack the imagination to think of a project to actually use it on at home
  4. All of the above

But hopefully me declaring it here will give me some motivation to just crack on and learn it properly.

Sunday 25 July 2021
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Sunday 25 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1627232771

Mission Impossible

I think the fact that there have been many Mission Impossible films would suggest that it's not.

Sunday 25 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1627232745

Space Cowboys

I'm disappointed that none of the space billionaires has put their pinky to their lips and/or cackled maniacally whilst in space. I have high hopes for Elon Musk. ...

Friday 23 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1627065187


I bumped into Bob the Bigot in Sainsbury's, Torpoint last week. It's taken me a week to write about that fact because I've just been simmering at the fact that this moron was complaining about the shelves being empty - It's YOUR fucking fault, you voted for Brexit, you idiot!!


Fake News

I should point out at this point that the Daily Fascist (The Sun), Torygraph and Daily Fail have all been pinning the empty shelves on the "Pingdemic" whilst also denying the super-spread of Covid-19 since we opened up the country and had mass super-spreader events in pubs for the European Championships (football).


  1. The app wasn't just mysteriously lying dormant since last summer and felt like it would be a dastardly time now to suddenly start falsely pinging people - it's because a shit load of people now have Covid, or have been in contact with someone who has...
  2. France, Germany, Belgium, Spain or the other EU countries don't have shortages...

Friday 23 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1627066574


I don't know how it got into my herb box, but I think this cornflower is quite pretty
I don't know how it got into my herb box, but I think this cornflower is quite pretty

Friday 23 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1627066660

BAE Systems

It's the last Friday of my contract at BAE Systems - I finish with them next Thursday.

It was short but very sweet - a good project and a good team. I have happy memories of this, my second life at BAE Systems...

Thursday 22 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1626956063


In my office today...
In my office today...

And in the car
And in the car

Wednesday 21 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1626868551

Wild Animal On Board

Very cool doggo
Very cool doggo

Thursday 22 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1626956155

Car Down!

Oh no! The extreme speed bumps in Plymouth have finally killed my exhaust mountings. Luckily the AA man had a fix and had me back running in no time.

Special shout out to the very kind lady who lived where I had stopped - she brought me a pint of iced orange cordial and a chair to sit in the shade while I waited for the AA man - faith in humanity restored (for now).

That bit isn't meant to be outside the envelope of the car
That bit isn't meant to be outside the envelope of the car

Wednesday 21 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1626868168


Why on Earth does yoghurt, mint and cucumber come with a single chili rating??

Warning: 1 Chili
Warning: 1 Chili

Wednesday 21 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1627066000


I have bought a lead for Bud - So I took him for a walk...

  • Bud's Lead
    Bud's Lead
  • Bud Outside
    Bud Outside
  • Bud's first time on grass
    Bud's first time on grass
  • Bud's first time on grass
    Bud's first time on grass

Tuesday 20 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1626807143

Another New Chapter - Expleo

Today I handed in my notice at BAE Systems - I've only been there since late June, but as a contractor (contingent worker) that allows me a luxury of a 7-day notice period.

That is because on the 2nd of August, I start my new role as Engineering Manager at Expleo Group.

It's a great role, based out of Bristol, but mostly working remotely.

I'm really looking forward to this new chapter of my career.

Sunday 18 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1626639089

Leg Pain

Although my mysterious leg pain has definitely subsided, it hasn't gone. It woke me up again last night.

I think I have it as under control as I possibly can at this stage, but I always wonder if I'll ever find out what it is?

I get that it could be "in my head" and given that they cannot find any physical things wrong with it, I have to lean that way myself - yet it's amazing how it manifest itself so physically in my leg.

Perhaps I'll never find out - but it'd be nice to know before I die.

Saturday 17 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1626553602


So Kim got pinged by Test & Trace today. A friend's daughter tested positive for it, but Kim had only had fleeting contact of about 2m with her 50 hours previously (i.e. over the 48 hours). But she's still been pinged and has to remain self-isolated until Thursday now.


There have been of 54,000 new cases reported in England today - Are we sure we want to open up the country in 2 days time?

Tuesday 13 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1626199952


So yesterday Covid breached my workplace. Our main test engineer came in - he wasn't feeling great, but thought it was just lack of sleep - and after a couple of hours realised he had lost his sense of taste and smell. He took a lateral flow test and it was positive.

The company went into full containment and quarantine mode to ease the contamination but we had to send home a bunch of engineers (who are all vital to a project I need to deliver this week). He had used the thermal camera at the entrance to our building that morning and registered 35.5°C.

The test engineer called me today and said that it's wiped him out (he sounded ropey) and he was hoping for a negative PCR test - I've told him that with symptoms and a positive lateral flow swab, it's likely to be a positive PCR test.

The company have been brilliant and very supportive, but it's been a stressful couple of days - and it's only my 3rd week in!

Stark Reminder

This has served to remind me that we are very much still in a global pandemic. This test engineer was careful, and we did manage to catch it quickly, but we need to remind ourselves to not be complacent and to remain vigilant.

This is still very much a killer disease.

Monday 12 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1626115151


So here it is! Summer has arrived. According to the various weather reports, that's the end of the rain and we're in for a heatwave.

I wonder how long it'll be before we start complaining about the heat and wishing for a drop of rain?

Saturday 10 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1625930257


Well, the shop shelves are empty (again). Brexit is going well isn't it?

In fact, it's going just like anyone with even a modicum of intelligence said it would...


Wednesday 07 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1625684637


I haven't really followed any football for the last few years, yet I have it on in my hotel room to help pass the evenings.

And I'm bloody enjoying this England run!

C'mon Engerlaaaand!

Tuesday 06 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1625595141

Premier Inn

I love Premier Inns - They are perfectly adequate for my needs:

  • Bed (and they are really comfortable at Premier Inn)
  • Roof
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • WiFi

The standard (free) WiFi is pretty useless at 500Kbps, but I don't feel the need to pay £5 per night for "Up to 8 times faster!" Ultimate WiFi. I have unlimited data on my phone, so 4G provides a better connection for me.

However, and it is a generalisation, most of the Premier Inns I have stayed at have a similar problem - the rooms are always boiling hot. For example, the weather app says it's 15°C outside right now, but my room thermostat says it's 25.5°C in here!

At least they supply a fan...

Monday 05 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1625507804

Personal Judgement

Today Boris Johnson announced that all Covid-19 restrictions are to be lifted on July 19th. Telling people to use their own judgement about wearing masks and social distancing.

In my experience, the collective judgement of the public leaves a lot to be desired...

Monday 05 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1625507365


This is my third week of my current contract in Christchurch. I quite like the place, but it's a seaside tourist town and it has its influx of grockles and emmets every year, just like home.

One oddity that I've noticed is that the Christ Church building is a castle. And Highcliff Castle is a church...


Sunday 04 July 2021
Epoch Seconds: 1625423326

Baby I'm Back!

I can't really tell you why (yet), but I'm sure that anyone actually reading this already knows...

Ooh, it's like an old, comfortable pair of slippers - It's good to be back.

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