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Friday 26 November 2021
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Talking of weight, it's been dropping quite rapidly...

Recent Weight Loss
Recent Weight Loss

Friday 26 November 2021
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So yesterday I had a very large yawn.

As I was stretching my mouth open wide, something snapped and I've pulled muscle in my left cheek area in the jaw joint.

And it really fucking hurts when I chew anything!

More weight loss coming in 3...2...1...

Friday 26 November 2021
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Dear blog, I realise I've been neglecting you, but I've been stupidly busy in work and wanted to get away from screens as much as possible in my downtime.

Plus, apart from a potentially devastating new variant of Covid-19 being announced yesterday, I don't really have a lot of news.

Dawson appears to be settling in OK, and he's not going to be working for me, but alongside me in automotive stuff, so that's turned out really well for everyone!

Thursday 18 November 2021
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War on Christmas

I saw a couple walking to the pub this evening. The lady was wearing a scarf of silver tinsel. I am so angry about this...

Tuesday 16 November 2021
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Dawsy & Smithy Show

Well, Mark Dawson started with Expleo yesterday and like all new companies, he's having IT issues to resolve.

But we had a Teams call earlier, and it's good to have him onboard. The Dawsy & Smithy show is back in town, baby!

Sunday 14 November 2021
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On the Importance of Education

My generation, and probably the generation before me had a weird stigma: It was a badge of honour or trendy to be "Too cool for school".

It's a terrible indictment of our society that we ever reached that stage. Free pre-school to 16/18 education is a privilege, not a right. My generation and those before who somehow made geek or nerd pejorative terms have done a huge disservice, and lasting damage to society in the Developed World.
We find ourselves, today, where a sizeable percentage of the population are questioning things like whether the Earth if flat, and the effectiveness of vaccines - things that were demonstrably put to bed, or so we thought, in the 14th and 19th centuries.

That we have these conversations today shows that this objection and resistance to education is seriously harming our society.

It was manifestly proven in 2020 and 2021 that the geeks and nerds saved us. This time belongs to them. And in my children's generation, I see that educated people are treated with a greater reverence than in mine.

How I'd love to go back through school without feeling like an outsider because I wanted to learn. Without feeling that being the class joker and clown was better for my place in the social structure than knuckling down and excelling at school work. I was a 'C' student - middle of the road - because of this. My teachers, and Mr Griffiths, the Head of Year used to take me aside and tell me that I could be a straight 'A' student if only I'd stop larking about and try a bit harder. Of course, the social pressure from my peers meant that I didn't do that.

My dad persuaded me to do an apprenticeship rather than go to university because he didn't see the value in education. I'm very proud and grateful for my apprenticeship, and I went on to do my bachelor's degree part-time and have since reached the pinnacle of my chosen profession by being Chief Engineer in two separate disciplines.

But this rejection of knowledge and suspicion of those who enjoy learning needs to stop. We will not move forward as a species if our learning and our want of learning, our curiosity, is ridiculed, and ultimately suppressed.

Right-wing governments, Churches and Conservatives don't want education for the masses for the very reason that ignorance is the only way that they survive. As soon as the populous educate themselves, their ignorance vanishes, and they realise that all humans, all Homo Sapiens, are the same, and deserve equal treatment. There is a reason why most universities are left-leaning - they are educated people.

We need to encourage learning, to make it accessible to everyone.

In a wealthy nation such as ours, education should be free - to whatever level level the student can achieve. Be that Secondary School or be that a PhD, it needs to be funded by the society that benefits from it.

I honestly believe that ending world hunger, ending poverty is best achieved by education. Education for all.

After all, didn't Jeebus say, "Blessed are the Geeks"?

Saturday 13 November 2021
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Day 6 of D&V

I've had a very upset stomach for 6 days now. It's clearly nothing I've eaten at this stage.

I had started taking turmeric capsules last weekend which I thought may have been the cause but I stopped those 3 days ago when I remembered that the start dates sort of coincided.

I crossed out the '&V' in the title above because I just don't vomit. Apart from when I was an alcoholic and it was alcohol-induced, if I vomit, I almost certainly need to go to hospital. I have no idea why my stomach is so strong that end. I wonder if it's to do with my Nutcracker Oesophagus? Anyway...

One of the things I've noticed is that I go downhill rapidly after an 'episode' and I have to take Dioralyte or similar every time. I mean, that works incredibly quickly to stop me feeling feint and generally unwell.

Might need to seek medical advice on this one.

The good news is that I've lost 5 kilos!

Saturday 13 November 2021
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Life Goals

In a really sweet and uplifting story Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins has set the World Record for the 100m at 1m 2.95s

She was disappointed at not getting under 1 minute!

The record she has set is in the Women's 105+ bracket.

Julia is 105
Julia is 105

I think I have a new life goal (not in the women's bracket, obviously)

Sunday 07 November 2021
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Hit & Run

I reversed out of my parking space at Lidl, Wosley Road, Plymouth this afternoon. While stationary as I transitioned the car into drive, I was struck from behind by another vehicle.

An elderly gentleman in a White Vauxhall Astra had reversed into me. When I re-parked the car and got out to speak to him, he just chuckled at me and drove off! Luckily, I had the sense to get his number plate.

I have reported it to the police collisions department via answerphone because they seemingly don't work on Sundays (thanks, Tories!).


Double Bastard
Double Bastard

Sunday 07 November 2021
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It's not just our country, my country, England. It seems to be a general movement of the Western World to descend into fascism and autocracy. As we get ready to pause to remember the lives lost in the two big world wars on November 11th, we need to remember what they were fighting for.

My grandparents fought to rid the world of Nazis and fascism. Now, members of my own family are buying into it and going headlong along with their fascist newspapers comics.

Populist ideology and talking points dominate their heads. They are more concerned with a dinghy of refugees (which we caused) coming to our shores than the opulent yachts of the people telling them to be concerned by those dinghies.

Brexit is a disaster.

The members of my family who gleefully voted for this crap aren't any better off. It promised absolutely no benefit to them and it has delivered on that promise many times over. In general, it is the older generation that have voted this way - for what? - They won't reap any of the false benefits that were promised to them. It was just jingoism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and yes, their old favourite, Racism.

It's quite easy to see which side they would have been on one hundred years ago if they lived in Germany. Hint: It isn't the side Churchill was on.

I am ashamed and angry at these members of my family. they are causing financial and material harm to their own family. They are voting to sell off the NHS every time they vote for the Tories. They are devaluing our pensions. They are driving interest rates ever lower so that saving money in a bank account is rendered useless.

And yet, I am expected to bite my tongue. I will continue to help them when they ask. They are family.

But they do not see the damage they are doing. I get told "Ho, ho, let them go, they're just old and stuck in their ways". Why should I let them go?

When I'm being marched into interment camps for writing this; when fascism has taken hold again, I'll think of them.

Friday 05 November 2021
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Happy Holidays

Thursday 04 November 2021
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Decent Tories?

Hopefully, it's more like Tory descent...

But this one is getting some traction today.

Wednesday 03 November 2021
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Corruption Green Light

Once again, this sleaze-fest of a government green-lights its own corruption.

We are descending into authoritarian rule.


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