A collection of my favourite memes and images from the web

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the images below. If I've infringed your copyright in any way,please get in touch and I'll remove the offending pic.

  • Moonlighting
  • Same for the UK
    Same for the UK
  • Condescending Tumble Drier
    Condescending Tumble Drier

  • Did one guy quit? Four IV Five Guys
    Did one guy quit?
  • I'm with Dave on this one
    I'm with Dave on this one
  • Among Us
    Among Us
  • March 2021 - Suez Canal blocked by cargo ship
    March 2021 - Suez Canal blocked by cargo ship
  • March 2021 - Suez Canal blocked by cargo ship
    March 2021 - Suez Canal blocked by cargo ship
  • Coconut Dog
    Coconut Dog
  • One Free InternetOne Free Internet
  • Sod the ScienceSod the Science
  • VaccineVaccine
  • God MathsGod Maths
  • Men & DoorsMen & Doors
  • VoodooVoodoo
  • Alexa, what's the sound?Alexa, what's the sound?
  • Stop the Count!Stop the Count!
  • FergieFergie
  • Are you from Four Seasons Total Landscaping?Are you from Four Seasons Total Landscaping?
  • You're Fired!You're Fired!
  • NounsNouns
  • This is what a mature democracy's elections looks likeThis is what a mature democracy's elections looks like
  • FeelingsFeelings
  • Democracy lets you do itDemocracy lets you do it
  • Peaceful TransitionPeaceful Transition
  • It explains TrumpIt explains Trump
  • BudBud
  • PotatoPotato
  • Anti-LifeAnti-Life
  • Wake-Up CallWake-Up Call
  • Eat Nowt to Help outEat Nowt to Help out
  • Yoink-YeetYoink-Yeet
  • Thoughts with AgeThoughts with Age
  • Granny Never Lets Me Have KFCGranny Never Lets Me Have KFC
  • Profit from DepressionProfit from Depression
  • Bagel EatingBagel Eating
  • Trump's Real MaskTrump's Real Mask
  • BrownBrown
  • GizmoGizmo
  • Can ConfirmCan Confirm
  • FredFred
  • Queen takes BishopQueen takes Bishop
  • If 2020 was a maths problemIf 2020 was a maths problem
  • 17 year olds17 year olds
  • Adam & SteveAdam & Steve
  • Long ScrollsLong Scrolls
  • God, Satan, Tom & JerryGod, Satan, Tom & Jerry
  • You HumansYou Humans
  • Twins?Twins?
  • Shooting RangeShooting Range
  • St HelensSt Helens
  • Yeah, Karen!Yeah, Karen!
  • Friends ForeverFriends Forever
  • Aged WellAged Well
  • 2020 be like...2020 be like...
  • Its not an OrgyIt's not an orgy
  • Have you played Minecraft?Have you played Minecraft?
  • Look at my Teeth!Look at my Teeth!
  • Fairground RidesFairground Rides
  • Teach them about atoms, not godsTeach them about atoms, not gods
  • First World ProblemsFirst World Problems
  • #RefugeesInToriesOut#RefugeesInToriesOut
  • Dunkirk SpiritDunkirk Spirit
  • Breximorons want France to take back controlBreximorons want France to take back control
  • Bench WeirdoBench Weirdo
  • Anyone know how drones work?Anyone know how drones work?
  • He should've obeyed the lawReligious Conservatives?
  • PandumbicPandumbic
  • Asterisk CorrectionsHuman Brain
  • You'll be OKTechnically True
  • Kent Live recommends places to wankI *think* they mean walk!
  • A dog drinking out of a water bucketSchlop
  • Donkeys' Nostrils with eyeballsDonkeys' Nostrils with eyeballs
  • Get EvenGet Even
  • A tumblr discussion about Pinnochio's omniscienceNot omniscient
  • A picture of Donald Trump with duct tape of his mouth and a caption of A single face mask can save many thousands of livesMasking the Problem
  • Jurassic ParkAnd idiots would show up...
  • bitcoinGood Analogy
  • Carrot PenisAccording to Stormy
  • Wall-E and Eve from Pixar with an attempt at saying PCs are like Wall-E - old and slow - while Macs are like Eve, fresh and fast. Someone has commented that Wall-E ran autonomously for 800 years while Eve was locked down remotely and  has no replacement parts.There was an attempt
  • Venn diagram with Strippers and Cats in separate circles. The overlapping part says, "I'm going to sit on your lap but you can't touch me"Truth Hurts
  • It's OK to unfollow people in real lifeUnfollow IRL
  • An apple core looking like Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat Apple
  • God flow chartGod Flow Chart
  • At least the dog loves meDog loves me
  • Brexit missed delivery noteMissed Delivery
  • It's all about styleStyle
  • Barbie covered with spray on creamKeep Scrolling
  • Viruses don't give a shit about your prayers. Wash your hands before you kill us all.Stop Praying and Do Something Useful
  • A man has put hand restoring cream on the stump on his armHand Restoring Cream
  • A gargantuan bronze lenin head in the car park of DominosLenin's Everywhere
  • A meme of a guy in a straw hat with arms outstretched saying"Whatever Bitches" and the subline saying "And the Bitches Whatevered"Whatever
  • A meme showing a sheepdog saying to a farmer, "There, that's all 40 sheep". The farmer replies, "We only have 37 sheep". The sheepdog replies, " I know, I rounded them up"Rounded Up
  • A cartoon of two humans sitting at a bar with racoon and squirrel hats on. Next to them is sitting a huge grizzly bear with a human ass on it's head.Bear Ass Cheek
  • An XKCD meme showing a Y axis of "Proximity to trucks in daily life" vs an X axis of "Knowledge of different types of Truck" with a group lting low on the right of the X axis of parents of boys aged 2 to 5.Trucks
  • A meme showing a picture of a can of "Oh! Boy Syrup" with the caption, "I'm not saying that the punctuation is wrong, I just hope the punctuation is wrong."Punctuation
  • A photo of a bath towel folded into a creature sitting on a toilet reading a newspaperToilet Creature
  • A meme asking how someone would write in their resume that they'd changed a lightbuld. The answer is "Single-Handedly managed the successful upgrade and deployment of new environment illumination system with zero cost overruns and zero safety incidents."Lightbulb Moment?
  • A wife confuses frozen windows with the operating systemFrozen Windows
  • What if mexico could build stairs on their side of The Wall?Mexican Stairs
  • A tewwet saying "Just tell him we built the wall. What's he gonna do, check?"The Wall is built
  • A photo of Donald Trump sitting petulantly with his arms folded high across his chest like a child, with the quote, "Trump is 72 - The 7 is silent"Trump is 72
  • A photo of an extremely messy and untidy bathroom sink, full of makeup etc. and the caption, "You left the seat up!!"You left the seat up
  • A caption: "Why can't we just use Thoughts and Prayers to protect out borders. It's what we use to protect our schools."Border Protection
  • A photo of a hand full of coloured pills all with the Social Media giants' logos on themSocial Media Pills
  • A photo of a gravestone with the caption "I just tried that app that shows what you'll look like in 40 years"Not buried, but...
  • A caption∷"Stop naming hospitals after dead people, give us some hope. Like, where's the Keith Richards Memorial Hospital?"Hope he doesn't die as I post this
  • Jeff Tiedrich tweets: "I'll take a thousand migrants willing to walk 2000 miles across a desert in hopes of a making a better life in America over one priviledged smirking insolent snot-nose MAGA hat-wearing teenage dipshit asshole and day of the week and twice on Sunday"1000 Migrants
  • A skeleton sitting at a desk with the caption "Two Years waiting for a single Brexit benefit"Are there any Brexit Benefits?
  • If sex is only supposed to be for married couples, show me Adam & Eve's marriage certificateUsing Religion to justify what the Bible doesn't
  • A professional head shot of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with the caption "This is the face of Making America Great Again"AOC would Make America Great Again
  • A picture of a Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner with the Henry replaced by Boris and the caption "All New - Moral Vacuum"Boris Johnson - Moral Vacuum
  • A face shot of Colin Kapernick with the slogan "Belive in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything"Believe in something
  • A photo of a grumpy looking cat behind a window with a sign saying "Please do not let the cat out - No m,atter what it tells you" and there is a note from the cat saying,"I make really good pasties"But they are good pasties
  • American Badger vs European Badger
    American Badger vs European Badger
  • A pair of Blue Footed Boobies
    A nice pair of Boobies
  • The Bible - edited to say being the universe is 13.8 billions years old, evolution is true, being gay is awesome and it's great when they get married
    The Bible - Edited
  • Chicken Game - Don't look at this Chicken
    Chicken Game
  • A guide to putting the clock back
    Putting Clocks Back - A Guide
  • It's a Smith thing, you wouldn't understand
    Smith Thing
  • Machine Learning Captcha
    Machine Learning
  • Young Asian Woman stares down EDl Supporter
  • Nationalism
  • In the future, the save symbol will still be a floppy disc
    Save Symbol
  • A small dog running toward the camera with people standing in the background that confuses the perspective and makes the dog look huge
    Confusing Perspective
  • The Toy Story toys looking up towards an offscreen Andy, who judging by the shadow being cast, is getting a Blow Job. The caption reads, " Andy's Grown Up"
    Andy's Grown Up
  • Mark Zuckerberg looks like he's fighting back against himself blinking sidways
    Zuck the Lizard
  • LiteracyLiteracy
  • Time TravelTime Travel
  • Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How do I bury thee?Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How do I bury thee?