Chiquito Plymouth

Date of Review: 12 October 2019


Unit 3 Barbican Leisure Park, Plymouth PL4 0LG

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Detailed Review

Food 3 Stars

Nice food. We went at lunchtime, but were not offered a lunch menu, so everything was off the main menu. Well cooked and tasty fare that you'd expect from a chain restaurant. You can choose the heat (spiciness) of the classic Mexican mains, from Mild to Volcano Hot. Nothing exceptional, but a solid 3 nonetheless.

Ambience 2 Stars

The restaurant and toilets clean and tidy, with faux Mexican décor. It's a chain restaurant on a cinema leisure park at a lunchtime, so ambience wasn't going to be the draw for anyone. Incredibly noisy due to the acoustics of the place - chatter drowned out whatever music they were playing and we struggled to hear each other speak.

Accessibility 5 Stars

The entrance is level with the street, and everything is on a single level so is easily accessible by wheelchairs and buggies. Corridors are suitably wide.

Cost 1 Star

We weren't offered a lunch menu, so it was only the main menu choices for us. It was too expensive for a chain restaurant at lunchtime BY FAR - £105 (!) for 4 people for starter, main and a glass of coke each plus 2 sides to share.

Service 3 Stars

Average, but efficient service. Food and drinks arrived when we were expecting them. Friendly enough waiter, but no frills.

Summary 2 Stars

Sadly, this otherwise decent restaurant was let down by the prices. I don't think I'll be back, especially at lunchtime. The value for the money just isn't there.


The side order of Garlic Taco is the size of a 12" pizza, so as a side one is enough for 4 people.

Spicy heat is personally subjective, but as a guide, the Hot level of Chilli Beef Chimichanga had a kick but the heat didn't stand out - About exactly where I'd expect "Hot" to be.