Harvester Paignton

Date of Review: 03 December 2019

Harvester Paignton

Festival Theatre, Esplanade Rd, Paignton TQ4 6AG

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Food & Drink 2 Stars

We popped in for an early dinner while we were in Paignton. We both had just a main, the Beef Brisket, and a drink. I was disappointed with my beef as the description implied melt-in-the-mouth slow-cooked brisket. I think the meal had been microwaved - the sauce had a burnt skin on it and the beef was rubbery. Kim's beef contained <10% meat with the majority of it being a gelatinous mush of fat. We would have complained but we were time limited and didn't see how the complaint would have helped.

Ambience 3 Stars

Now, we visited early on a Tuesday evening in the off season so we weren't expecting much in terms of ambience. It was perfectly pleasant and the staff were lovely.

Accessibility 4 Stars

Good accessibility from the pavement level. Toilets were on the same level.

Cost 1 Star

Well, at £15.99 for the main, it was too expensive. I get that it's a tourist town, but this was off-season. With the state of the meal, I would have been upset at paying £5.99 for it.

Service 4 Stars

The service was perfectly good with friendly, knowledgeable staff. The food and drinks arrived in good time.

Summary 2 Stars

We will not be back. The meal was shocking. Perhaps because it was so quiet, they weren't expecting to have to cook the brisket? But that's no excuse for the quality of the meat. I didn't want fillet steak, but I did want some actual beef!
Unfortunately, that's the second time a Harvester has disappointed me. I'm disinclined to go to any of their restaurants again, which is a shame because I used to enjoy them (albeit 20 years ago).


The parking at the front of the cinema complex appeared to be free!