Jolly Jack's

Date of Review: 23 November 2019

Jolly Jack's

Richmond Walk, Devonport, Plymouth PL1 4LS

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Food & Drink 5 Stars

Although there wasn't a separate lunch menu per se, there is a selection of lunch-type meals priced as such on the rear of the main menu. Well, the food was excellent with generous portions. I ordered the Croque Monsieur and Kim had the Prawn & Crayfish Sandwich. We ordered a side of cheesy chips to share - we needn't have (but they were also delicious - thick chips cooked perfectly). The Croque Monsieur takes a little longer to cook (15-20 mins) but I highly recommend it. Kim's sandwich was equally awesome I am told. They have a great drink selection including alcohol-free beer (San Miguel) and cider (Old Mout Berries).

Ambience 5 Stars

We visited on a Saturday at around 13:30 and could easily get a table, but there were a fair number of patrons in at the time also. The whole setup works and fits in the location as part of the Yacht Club scene. Good music playing covers of big hits that was at a volume whereby you could hear it without it being intrusive in the conversation. In days gone by, I could have easily sat for the afternoon polishing off a bottle of wine...

Accessibility 4 Stars

The entrance and the toilets are wheelchair accessible. And everything is laid out for maximum accessibility. The only reason for me to deduct a mark is the actual accessibility to the premises at the end of the tiny, industrial Richmond Walk. It's difficult for cars to pass and parking is limited. On-site parking through a pay-barrier is free for the first 2 hours, so plenty of time for lunch.

Cost 3 Stars

The cost of the food and drinks was in line with what I would expect to pay for a bistro meal in Yachting land. A little expensive for a casual lunch for locals (~£28 total with soft drinks), but the portion sizes bring the value for money score up - assuming you can eat it all.

Service 4 Stars

The service was perfectly good with friendly, knowledgeable staff. The food arrived as advised (given the extra cooking time of my order) and we felt as if we could have stayed at the table all afternoon - no rush...

Summary 4 Stars

How have I never been to Jolly Jack's before? It was an absolute delight to visit for lunch, and I will be going back - It's perfect for the occasional treat lunch/dinner. I think I may have been put off by the name, thinking it was a greasy spoon 'caff', but it is anything but. A high-end 4/5 for me!


Although the parking is free for 2 hours, keep you ticket handy to raise the barrier on the way out.