Date of Review: 04 March 2020


8-9 Moor St, Soho, London W1D 5ND

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Food 3 Stars

The food and drink at Limoncello was good. It wasn't exceptional, but it was in no way bad. The antipasti selection wasn't great for the £9.50 price, but Kim's prawn cocktail was apparently very good. I judge a new Italian restaurant by using their Spaghetti Carbonara as a 'standard candle'. Limoncello's was nice, with a perfectly sized portion.

Ambience 3 Stars

We visited on a Sunday evening around 19:30 and the half of the restaurant that was open (it's split into two halves) was about half full - about 3 other couples apart from ourselves. So for the size of restaurant, this was a nice population. The ambience was that of a typical Italian cafe with no frills, but it was exactly what I wanted.

Accessibility 2 Stars

The entrance is through a right-angled doorway so could be difficult for wheelchairs and I think there is a small step into the restaurant. Toilets are down some fairly steep stairs.

Cost 3 Stars

The cost of the food and drinks was inline with what I would expect to pay for an Italian meal in a city. That this was just off Shaftesbury Avenue in London's West End made it a good price - £50 for two including the drinks/tip.

Service 3 Stars

I think I got off to the wrong foot with the waitress as I was removing my coat and accidentally ran my hand across her bum. I apologised but I don't think she heard. Then I misheard her asking about bread - I heard "ready?" and ordered the full meal. But the service was good and timely. I probably dashed any chance of great service, but it was a solid 3.

Summary 3 Stars

Limoncello is a good Italian restaurant. It's friendly and serves decent food at a good price for the West End. I feel mean giving it a 3 star summary, but it is a decent 3 stars. Average, but that's all I wanted/expected. I would definitely come back again.