Pier Master's House

Date of Review: 8 September 2020

Pier Master's House

12-13 Madeira Rd, Plymouth PL1 2NX

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Detailed Review

Food & Drink 2 Stars

If you assume that this is a high-end café, the food and drink aren't too bad - well, it's not BAD. It's just not particularly inspiring (yet having some interesting items, such as a roast marrowbone starter), and if taken as a restaurant, it falls short of what I'd expect. I agree with some other reviewer's comment about the burger being grey mince in a bun.

Ambience 3 Stars

We visited on a Tuesday early evening, and it was still quite busy.  However, the seating area has been very well laid out to cope with social distancing while maintaining a good ambience. But it just felt a bit flat and clinical in there.  The chatter level reverberated off the walls and it was difficult to hold a conversation. It get a higher mark because of the potential of its location and views.

Accessibility 3 Stars

The entrance, toilets and seating area are wheelchair accessible and on the same level, although the toilets are quite small and have ultra-modern features like a touchless flush, which confuses the older generation, and they even had a sellotaped paper note above it telling people how to use it - I think that's a fail, then. Then there's an upstairs level, but no lift, and the outside area is down some steps.

Cost 3 Stars

The cost of the food and drinks is in line with what I would expect to pay for a restaurant meal in Plymouth, but a bit pricey for a "café" - the burger was £15. The bill came to ~£130 for 4 people.

Service 2 Stars

The greeter wasn't particularly friendly, had problems with each customer that I saw him talking to, and didn't seem keen to want to clear an evacuated table so we could have a window seat. The waitress didn't know what alcohol-free drinks, or a bottle of Jail Ale were when those were requested, so I had to go to the bar and ask the bartender. But there was one waiter there who seemed quite good and attentive. Service was very slow (we were there for 3 hours for a 3-course meal).

Summary 3 Stars

The Pier Master's House is new, and it shows. I hope that the experience we had was just teething troubles, or they will be in trouble, I'm afraid.
It was OK.