Route 38

Date of Review: 23 October 2019

Route 38

Trerulefoot, Saltash PL12 5BL

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Food & Drink 3 Stars

It's an American Diner with American sized portions - they are huge. Every time we've been we've said that we'd save space for the tower of doughnuts for dessert - we have never yet ordered them! The menu is vast and varied, offering exactly the kind of American Diner fare that you'd expect - and more. The food itself isn't going to win any Michelin stars anytime soon, but it does what it says on the tin and is a solid 3 stars for me.

Ambience 4 Stars

The restaurant and toilets were clean and tidy - classic American Diner. The gaudy American memorabilia represent what English people think of American Diners. A bit tacky and cheap - Does the signed photo of Katy Perry make me think that she actually sat at the table I was at? No. This time we visited mid Tuesday daytime and it had a good amount of patrons. The ambience was fitting.

Accessibility 5 Stars

The entrance has a ramp or stairs to the car park, and the toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Cost 3 Stars

The cost of the food and drinks was inline with what I would expect to pay for tourist-type American Diner. A little expensive for a casual lunch for locals (~£10 each with soft/hot drinks), but the portion sizes bring the value for money score up - assuming you can eat it all.

Service 3 Stars

The service was OK/Good, but lacked the American customer-service-is-king X-factor - especially for a fairly quiet Tuesday afternoon.

Summary 4 Stars

A solid attempt at an American Diner in what is now a small chain of them named for the roads they sit on. Tries a bit too hard and while it may be a novel attraction for tourists into Cornwall, it's a tad too expensive for local eats. However, for the occasional treat, we keep coming back.


Your table number is on a flag sticker on your napkin dispenser. Remember that and take it to the cashier on the way out to pay.