Steak & Omelette Bar

Date of Review: 1 September 2020

Steak & Omelette Bar

116-118 Cornwall St, Plymouth PL1 1NF

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Food & Drink 5 Stars

Having been a patron of the Steak and Omelette Bar for over 40 years(!), I actually know little about their menu, apart from the fact, that in my humble opinion, they have the best Angus Steaks in Plymouth.  I've never had a bad meal here, and the chips are amazing. We usually only have a main course, as we're too full for anything else, but on this occasion (someone else was paying!) we attempted the three courses. All were really good. The home-made banoffee pie is to die for!

Ambience 5 Stars

We visited on a Tuesday early evening, the day after the COVID-19 Eat out to Help Out offer had ended, and it was still fairly busy. However, the restaurant has been very well laid out to cope with social distancing while maintaining a good ambience.

Accessibility 4 Stars

The entrance, toilets and seating area are wheelchair accessible and on the same level, although the toilets are quite small and look like they could do with modernising. Perfect clean, and OK though.

Cost 4 Stars

The cost of the food and drinks is in line with what I would expect to pay for a restaurant meal in Plymouth. The bill came to ~£150 for 4 people, but considering two of us had the most expensive steaks, this wasn't bad.

Service 5 Stars

The service is always excellent here. It seems that every one of their staff is engaging, funny and knowledgeable.

Summary 5 Stars

The Steak & Omelette Bar is one of the mainstays of my Plymouth restaurant experience. It had failed to disappoint me in over 40 years, and keeps going strong. The steaks are the best in Plymouth, and we will keep coming back as long as they'll have us…